Nursing Case Study Writing

Developing a well-written nursing case study paper can be a grueling challenge. However, with preparation and the right skills, you should be able to handle the task without issues. You must begin with determining the focus of your paper. After that, you have to gather all the facts needed to construct your paper. Finally, you must organize your work into coherence. Essentially, that is what nursing case study writing involves.

Successful Nursing Case Study Writing Focuses on the Following Sections:

  • The patient’s status
  • The assessment of the patient
  • The current care plan and recommendations for changes

We will walk you through each section so that you can learn how to handle your paper like an expert.

The Patient’s Status

In this section, you are interested in your patient's demographic data, medical history, current diagnosis, and treatment. Without the patient, there is no case study. It is important to ask yourself this question: "who is this patient?" and "why are they in this case study?" Take note of their age and race. Discuss the reason the person sought treatment and include details of the diagnosis. Additionally, comment on the specific role nursing plays in the care of the patient in question.

Outline causes, symptoms, observations and discuss how the chosen treatments can affect nursing care. You also must include details of the history of the disease and how it has progressed. Do not forget to provide information regarding how the patient became aware of their problem. What symptoms prompted them to seek help?

The Nursing Assessment Section

In this section, you should assess the patient keeping the known nursing diagnoses in mind. Explain why you have identified a specific diagnosis. You need to be cautious here as your diagnosis determines how you develop the nursing care plan.

The Nursing Care Plan

Here, you need to describe the current nursing care plan and explain how it improves the quality of life of the patient. Provide details on the positive changes the care plan is aiming for. Describe how the implementation of the care plan will happen and who will be responsible. Include information regarding how those responsible will measure the success of the nursing care plan. You are almost through with your nursing case study writing.

Discussion and Recommendations

Your paper ends with a final discussion. Fundamentally, this section focuses on your recommendations. Your recommendations depend on the patient’s current status, the diagnosis, and the existing nursing care plan. Your suggestions aim to improve the patient's chances of recovery. You must use authoritative sources to support every recommendation you make. Additionally, you should properly cite your sources using an appropriate referencing style, typically APA.

Need Help?

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