Nursing Coursework Writing

In your first year of studying a three-year BSN, you can expect to cover introductory courses to nursing. Such courses aim to teach you how to handle clinical assessments. Additionally, you will study health science-related courses such as pharmacology, pathophysiology, physiology, and scientific inquiry in nursing. Other courses covered are microbiology, human nutrition, and lifespan development. Some nursing programs may also include some general education classes like communications, math, computers, and writing. These classes may not seem relevant at first. However, they will help you a great deal when it comes to nursing coursework writing.

In the Second Year

The second year covers many laboratory simulations and continues exposing you to more clinical experiences. Some of the courses with required clinical experiences are nursing care of older adults, adults, children and their families as well as childbearing families. Typically, nursing students pursuing a BSN spend an average of 12 hours every week in clinical settings. You will also study cultural competence in healthcare.

In the Senior Year

The third year of study combines classroom experiences with laboratory simulations and precepted clinical experiences. The coursework covers four areas namely:

  • Community care of vulnerable populations
  • Psychiatric mental health nursing
  • Transition to professional nursing
  • Leadership in clinical nursing practice
  • You can expect to spend between 16 and 24 hours each week in clinical settings.

Nursing Coursework Writing

Laboratory simulations, clinicals, and lectures are not enough. There is always some nursing writing to do. No matter how brilliant and capable you are, juggling all these tasks and a part-time job or a family can be challenging. That is why you want to find someone who can help you handle some of the work. Isn't there just too much to handle? Most nursing students would answer yes to that question.

Nursing coursework writing may involve completing reflective essays on legal precedents as well as opinion and research papers on ethical, technological, or legal developments in nursing. You will also write case studies that require you to make care plans and recommendations. You may even get case studies that place a nurse in a difficult hypothetical situation.

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