Nursing Report Writing

As a practicing nurse, you will be writing a lot of reports. Physicians use such notes to follow patients' recovery progress. Such reports need to accurately record every action that has taken place concerning a patient's treatment process. Your school knows nursing report writing skills are critical to the nursing profession. That is why they want you to master report writing now. Nursing reports are a standard way of communicating valuable information to physicians in hospitals or professors in nursing school.

It all begins with Understanding Your Message

Naturally, one cannot communicate intelligibly a message they do not understand. It imperative that you develop a crystal clear understanding of not only the message of the report but also its purpose. Some reports describe, analyze, and inform. These kinds of reports are said to be interpretive. When writing them, you do not make recommendations. Other reports may require you to give an informed opinion and add suggestions. Usually, the second type of report is what you might expect to write as a nurse after graduation.

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Your professor wants you to write a nursing report. You want to do it, and you want to get started now. Big problem: you have no idea where to start. Are you supposed to express an opinion and make recommendations? In that case, do the following:

  • State with clarity your position on the issue
  • Give reasons why you support that position
  • Include an example or two to clarify your position further
  • Use facts and statistics to bolster your argument
  • Summarize your position

A Standard Nursing Report Format

You have done all the reading necessary to produce an outstanding nursing report. Now, it is time to put your ideas, views, and recommendations onto paper. Using a standard format ensures that you approach your nursing report writing methodically, and without leaving out valuable information. Also, following a standard format makes sure you focus on the most critical areas of your message. Here is a structure you can use:

  • Create a title page
  • Include preliminary pages such as the table of contents and acknowledgment page where necessary
  • Write your introduction
  • Build your report’s body: The body may include all or some of the following:
  • Abstract
  • Background
  • The method used to explore your subject
  • Your findings
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • References and bibliography
  • Appendices

Your introduction should summarize your message in the most explicit formal language possible. It needs to be brief. As you write your paragraphs, always remember the reason you are writing the report. Is it to analyze, inform, request, persuade, or recommend? Ensure your introduction tells the reader exactly what you want to achieve. Also, use tables to present information visually. The appendices section is where you include background details. Usually, you are supposed to use the American Psychological Association referencing style.

Nursing Report Writing Can be a Daunting Task

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